May 14, 2010

The Avett Brothers - Laundry Room

I'm in a music groove lately.  Spending way too much time and money on iTunes, checking out bands I've never heard before.  I hope you don't mind my Friday video postings, because I enjoy doing them!

I am enjoying The Avett Brothers CD, I and Love and You.  The video above is great.  It starts slowly, so don't give up on it.  The CD is great too.  I love how they're described as "punkgrass" - a combination of punk rock and bluegrass.  They definitely have their roots in folk and bluegrass, but they seem to have too much energy for those genres alone.  They are from my own native North Carolina, and they look like they'd be a blast to see in concert.

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  1. Hi Mary - just to say there is a little award for you on my blog - it's abit cheeky! Enjoy... L x


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