May 6, 2010

America: The Story of Us

There is a new series on The History Channel entitled "America:  The Story of Us."  It's a 12-hour series that tells the story of America.  We just started watching it, and so far I'm really enjoying it.

This series of course covers the revolution, but it talks about how our economy was built, what it was like before the new settlers arrived, how it grew, where people settled and why.  As I said, I just started watching it, so I'm interested to see the growth and evolution of the country.  It's fascinating to look at such a broad view.

I hated history in school.  It was by far my least favorite subject.  I never understood how to study for it.  I always viewed it as a ton of reading and memorizing.  Perhaps I didn't have very good textbooks or engaging teachers, or perhaps it just wasn't my thing.  I was a math and science girl.  I moved in the fifth grade and missed most of U.S. History basics.   I always regretted not learning more history, though.  Since moving to Boston, I've been especially interested in the early days of our country.  It's easier to grasp the events if you are standing right where they happened - seeing Paul Revere's house, standing where Crispus Attucks was shot, visiting Concord where the first revolutionary battle was fought.  And although I usually stick to fiction, I've read a few history books along the way that have filled in some knowledge gaps.

What was your least favorite subject in school?  Have you done anything as an adult to try to learn in that subject?

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