May 4, 2010

Organizing Projects

Okay, it's time again for another list of organizing things to do.  I've gotten better about keeping up with some things, but I've found that making these kinds of lists helps keep me honest in other areas.  It always feels that much better when you can mark something off a list, don't you think?

I'm not giving myself a time limit.  I'll just do the best I can to tackle the items one at a time until they're done.  Having a list hanging over my head will help.  So here goes...

1.  Clean out the car.  It's not too bad, and I've gotten better about taking something with me every time I get out, but it still needs a little clean-up.  And I have to switch out my CD selection.

2.  Update the pictures in my hallway collage.  The little boy isn't even included!

3.  Speaking of pictures, send school pictures to family.  Not an organizing project I realize, but it's been on my to-do list a while.  Maybe if they know I have them, they'll remind me to send them.

4.  Frame a couple new pictures for the mantle.

5.  Clean out the kitchen cabinet with all my baking supplies.  For some reason, it is the first one to get messy, and it now stresses me out to open it.

6.  Refresh recipe binder.  I have a few Cooking Lights and Everyday Food magazines kicking around.  I need to clip the recipes I want to keep and put them in my binder.  Remove recipes I have had for over a year and haven't made yet.  It means I probably never will.

7.  Go through the house with a trash bag and collect any unused items to add to our donations bag.  I do this every couple months, but it's another good one to add to the list.  This includes unused toys, which are starting to get out of control.  I'm thinning it out gradually, and so far the big boy hasn't noticed.

8.  Organize the side of our fridge.  It's a mess of magnets and pictures and kid art.  All good stuff - should take me 10 minutes to replace a couple pictures, straighten out the art, throw away any broken magnets...

9.  Empty out the orange storage bin that's been sitting in the hall at the top of the stairs for almost a year.  Not sure what's in it.  Mostly CDs I think.  So I'll buy another CD case, get rid of all the plastic cases, and put it in the storage closet where it belongs.

10.  Apply for the little boy's passport.  Not really an organizing task, but if it's all about putting things in order, then it fits.  We don't have an international trip planned, but discussions are underway for next year.  Better to be prepared now.

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