May 25, 2010

I Need a Dress...

...but I hate shopping.  Ugh.  My sister's wedding is in July, and I need something to wear.  I had planned on wearing something I already own, but I am just not excited about anything that's currently in my closet.  The two real contenders - one red, one pewter - just don't feel summery enough for a July wedding in North Carolina.  So I've been searching around the internet, trying to get inspired.  I would love something with a little color to it, maybe a little something that makes it feel like summer.  Why is that so hard to find?  I am thinking I may actually have to go into a store.  The thought makes me cringe.

I saw a few dresses at Anthropologie that perhaps show a little promise.

This looks so cute, but the reviews seem to indicate that the material is heavy, so maybe not great for a hot July wedding?

I love the bright color.  I won't be able to stand next to my mom in pictures, because her dress has a blue pattern, but that's alright.  This is perhaps my leading contender so far.

This one looks like it would be so comfortable, but I think it actually looks like something my little sister (the one getting married) would look great in.  Hm.

What do you think?


  1. Anthropologie has great dresses and I think you definitely should get something with a hint of colour and a flowy nice texture....I love the third one...
    Ohhh I love weddings :)

  2. this is an opportunity, not a drag! i say, carve out some time (ideally during your work day - haha) and head into anthro. pick the most pulled together looking sales girl and ask her to pick 5 dresses that she thinks would look good on you. go to dressing room and try them on. buy one. pick something fun and different. yes on color! post again when you pick out the one!

  3. Hi - I like the first one :-) It's classic but modern at the same time. L x

  4. Thanks for your input! Diana, that last one does look comfy, doesn't it? I'm just not sure it's my style (whatever that is). Louise, I agree - I love that first one - I just hope it's as cute in person. Sara, okay okay okay, I will head to the mall soon and do as instructed. Expect a post with results before July. :-)

    Oh, and my husband provided his input as well. He was not a fan of the middle one - he likes the first one best. One thing I can say about my husband is that he does not hold back his opinions! This is a good thing, because when he tells me I look pretty, I know he means it!

  5. I like the first one best, but I agree with Sunny. Go to Anthropologie during your workweek (doctor's appt.?) and do just what she says. Find a helpful salesperson and indulge!

    Great! Now what do I wear? Sigh! What works with less than boobs and the leftover baby pooch?

  6. yes to color!!!! Jazz it up!

  7. Megan22.4.11

    I like the third one. It looks like it would be easy to dance in. I don't want to be uncomfortable when I'm going to be there all evening and thinking about other things! You can probably find something like it on if you go to a few stores.


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