May 3, 2010

I've Fallen into the Comparison Trap Again

I should know better by now, right?  But it happens.  Kevin's been out of town a lot lately, and that's left me with too much time to spend blog-surfing.  There are so many great things about blogs, and I've found some really fun sites.  A few new discoveries include:

Lou, Boos, and Shoes - A lovely site with great writing.  I can hear the accent in her writing, too.  "Parcels in the post?"  Love it.  More importantly, I like what she writes.  Easy to read and think we'd be friends if we ever met.

The Diversion Project and Under Lock and Key - I am also a sucker for Australians with style. 

The Little Things We Do - I like the community on this blog.  The author likes doing series like the "Fill in the blank Fridays", and it pulls together a bunch of blogs and we all have fun and learn a little about each other.  Sometimes it makes me feel a little old (like reading how many people named Britney songs that "remind them of their youth"....sheesh.), but mostly it's fun.  And her "Favorite Thing about Today" series is similar to my Three Beautiful Things or Five Senses posts.....a celebration of the fun and beautiful things in life.

And there have been many many more.  But somewhere along the way, I start to feel inadequate.  I read too many posts with adorable kid birthday parties, too many sewing projects, too many posts about eating strictly organic and growing your own vegetables, too many gorgeous decorating projects, and even too many stylish photo collages.  After a while, it just reminds me that I have not yet thrown my son a birthday party, I haven't sewn a thing since home-ec in junior high and wouldn't know where to start even if I had the time, my son ate goldfish and cupcakes at preschool today, and I have zero sense of style.  

Now I'm perfectly happy with all those things about me, so I just need to take a break from looking at everyone else.  The same reason I had to cancel some magazine subscriptions.   But don't worry - I'll keep up my own blog, and I'll still read a few of my favorites.  I'm just going to cut down the surfing for a bit so I can focus on me.  

Do you ever feel that way when you're reading blogs?  Do you ever fall into the comparison trap?  


  1. Hi Mary - thanks so much for the mention, very sweet of you and yes - if the Atlantic did not separate us, I suspect we would be firm friends!

    I so understand what you say about feeling abit pale by comparison to some of the blogs out there. Sometimes I look too much and get completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of amazing blogs, and the creativity of the bloggers.

    I am fairly new to blogging, so I am finding my way I guess. I do agree though that at times when these perfect lives are paraded, it can make you look at your own and think 'am I doing enough?'

    But then I think - have a cuppa tea, look out the window, get back in to MY life and its OK :-) LB x

  2. Kittymac3.5.10

    Mary, there is ONLY one you...and you are incredible! How about the fact that you are the ONLY one of us 7 who has a consistent blog, and you NEVER fail to amaze me with the stuff you put on it. Your 3 beautiful things and 5 senses days are my favorite, and you remind me to stop and smell the lilacs and lily of the valley that are blooming. I love you and admire you more than I remember to tell you!!
    your biggest sis...


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