May 30, 2013

Dear Reader...

Day 27 of The Challenge.  A letter to your readers.

This is me.

Dear Reader,

The above picture was taken by Nathan, my 3-year-old.  It's how I look most of the time now, I suppose.  Hair up and messy, casual.  And don't get me started on the wrinkles around my eyes.  But I look happy and relaxed; and wrinkles are just the price we pay for smiles and years, which makes every single one of them totally worth it.  I don't have many pictures of me, as I have mentioned before, but it's nice to know who you're communicating with in this blog world, isn't it?  And this one does seem true to life.  

I don't have many readers, and that's just fine.  I write this blog mostly for me anyway, but I am really happy that I've created a small community of like-minded followers.  My online friends.  I may not meet many of you in real life, but these connections are real.  You are a part of my life.  I care what's happening in your part of the world and how you are doing.  I appreciate your comments.  Whatever it was that caused you to stumble on to my space, and whatever it was that prompted you to stick around, I'm grateful and happy you did.  



  1. Really lovely sentiments Mary. Love your blog.... Been reading a long time. I find writing cathartic & energising. Keep on being you, xx

  2. This is lovely Mary, so beautifully written....and a lovely photo, such a gorgeous smile....glad I found your blog XX

  3. For a long time I wanted a lot of readers. Then I made some blog friends, and realized that was more than enough. Beautifully said.

    And beautiful picture!!

  4. Hello!!! I am back and catching up...

    Love this picture and your description of it! And don't get me started on MY wrinkles around my eyes. It is what it is for us 39 year olds!! I always enjoy reading your blog - and have done for a long time. I like that we are online friends and that it absolutely matters what is happening in your corner of the world. I use your blog as little yard stick; I sometimes find myself thinking: what would Mary do? So that's good isn't it?! Lou x

  5. This is such a great photo - you look so happy and relaxed and full of love and life :) I've just caught up on your blog posts which has been nice - I guess that's the funny thing about blogging is that although you never actually meet the people who you follow, you somehow feel a connection and catching up on various posts is a bit like catching up with friends after a while. Perhaps this is the new way of socialising/connecting, especially for Mums who no longer work full time? Anyway it sounds like you're having a great summer which is awesome! Best, Annie x


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