May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life...

Day 15 of The Challenge.  A Day in the Life.

I have touched on my typical days in many recent posts, including this one just last week; so I'm not going to describe the general day, I'm going to be very specific and describe today.  It was a pretty typical day, but they're all a little different, and that's a good thing.  This topic also made me remember my guest post over at Lou, Boos and Shoes.  I wrote it last year, and my gosh I think my blood pressure went up just reading it.  It's amazing how much has changed since then.  To today...

the walk home from school

The alarm went off at 4AM, because my husband had to catch an early flight this morning.  I stayed immobile, but perhaps I grunted to him on his way out the door.  Nathan ran into my room at 6 and crawled in bed with me.  I enjoyed a half-hour of snuggles before getting up.

I did 45 minutes of exercising, in my family room with workout DVDs.  Nathan watched me and only interrupted me once to ask for Buzz Lightyear.  By the time I finished, Aaron was downstairs with us.  I made coffee and breakfast.  Nathan's preschool is right across the street, so it's a pretty easy drop-off, and then Aaron and I decided to enjoy the gorgeous morning and walk to his school.  It's about a 15-minute walk, and I love this time.  I don't get a lot of one-on-one time with Aaron, and I'm stunned at how much he's grown this year.

this smell!

Once I made it back home, I enjoyed one more cup of coffee and read a little of the paper.  I then refreshed the lilacs in the vase on the dining room table.  My yard is full of big lilac bushes, so I can pick as many as I want and keep fresh flowers inside.  Awesome.

Usually during my quiet mornings, I do a little bit of cleaning around the house.  If I do a little every day, then I don't feel like I have to spend an entire day catching up.  Well, I went to a two-hour yoga class on Monday (yay me!) and ran several errands yesterday, so I felt behind.  I put a couple records on the record player (Temple of the Dog, followed by The Avett Brothers), turned it up real loud, and got to work.

i know it's not much to look at, but my neighbor is letting me use three of her garden beds this year.  
the vegetables are in and i'm excited!

Nathan came home at 11:30.  Our afternoon included pitching and hitting, swinging, watering the garden, eating lunch, reading stories, playing games, cleaning up the playroom, and a trip to Costco.  We started to walk to school to pick up Aaron, but it started to rain, so we ran back home to get the car.  Most days, we spend about an hour at the playground after school, but because of the rain, I decided I'd seize the opportunity and take the boys for haircuts.  Oh I'm so glad I did - those shaggy locks are gone!

At home, I heated up leftovers, and Aaron got ready for baseball.  I try really hard to have leftovers or something really easy for baseball nights.  After dinner, we headed to the game.  Because it was so cold and wet, Nathan actually sat with me and watched the game instead of running around like a crazy over-tired three-year-old.  It was freezing but fun.  Aaron and his team did great and had a blast.

Back home for baths and bedtime.  I go as fast as possible to get Nathan in bed, and so far I've been doing pretty well. Even though baseball makes it a later night, he was still asleep before eight.  Aaron wasn't too far behind.

my nightstand

I cleaned up the kitchen, including the dinner dishes that got left behind in the flurry to get out the door, and now I'm writing a blog post.  When I'm done, I will watch The Daily Show and fold the two loads of laundry I washed today.  Then I will eat whatever chocolate I can find in the house.  (We're out of ice cream - gasp!)  I will end the day in bed with my book, and I'll stay up too late, because I always tend to do that when Kevin's out of town.

It was a good day.


  1. O is gone too (for 2 weeks), just downed a pint of ice cream. Asking myself why do I stay up so so late?!

  2. I know those kind of mornings when the Huzz leaves for a trip. I hear some kind of movement going on but try to tune out and fall back to sleep (usually works about 50% of the time), always hoping the sound of the garage opening will not wake my daughter. Every minute counts eh!

    I too damble in a little housework each day. The thought of having to spent a whole day running around like a nutter cleaning would be terrible for me. A little and often.

    I love the sound of your day. One on one time with my son rarely happens these days, so its lovely to have time together with him alone now. He's changed and grown so much this past year (10 years and going on 15!), I'm trying to capture images of him in my mind before the next stage comes along!

    Happy weekend.

  3. Your day sounds lovely :)

  4. Sigh...I loved days like this when mine were littler...Enjoy!


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