May 24, 2013

My Three Worst Traits...

Day 24 of The Challenge.  Your top 3 worst traits.

1.  I'm impatient.  Ask anybody who knows me.  And hurry it up, will you?

2.  I am not spontaneous.  I get irritated when we make plans and they don't work out exactly as I had anticipated.  I am not good with doing things off-the-cuff.  I hate being late, so don't ask me to make just one little stop on the way to where we're going.  I am not good at last-minute plans.  I get annoyed when plans go awry, forcing us to change things up.  Bottom line - I try, but I have a hard time just letting go.  Unless it's what I planned to do.

3.  I'm not good at small talk and I can't ever remember people's names.  There are women who I've talked with probably 40 times this year, and I don't know their names.  I always try to own this up front and ask several times, say it back to them to try to remember, but at some point it becomes too late.  My only hope is if it comes up naturally in conversation, or if I can get in a situation where introductions are necessary.  It's a serious source of stress.  I wish I didn't suck at this.

What's your least favorite trait about yourself?


  1. Is it bad that I couldn't think of anything about myself that I don't like??!! I'm not sure what that says.

    Loved reading your list....forgetting names is tricky, yikes!!

  2. These three things are SO me! I NEVER remember peoples names either. After meeting up a couple of times with a mom from Emma's preschool, and attending her daughters birthday party I finally bit the bullet and asked her what her name was. I felt like a jerk, but I won't forget it this time! :|

    My least favorite thing about myself is that I'm impatient. I'm trying to work on it.

  3. I love the way you've done this post with the photo and then the text. Such a different take to everyone else just listing their traits.


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