May 8, 2013

A Piece of Advice...

Day #8 of The Challenge:  A piece of advice you have for others.

I'm taking the easy way out and re-posting this list.  Found via Pinterest of course, and I'm not sure of the original source.   I love it, though, and think it's all pretty good advice.


  1. I think that just about covers it really doesn't it, great advice :)

  2. Oh my goodness - this list is THE ANSWER!! You know how people search for this forever and here it is!! In one easy list. I am gonna print it and stick it on my fridge. L x

  3. I just love this!

    Your blog is always so good, Mary.

  4. Fab list ... I may just have to print it out and stick it on the wall!

  5. Yep - I already have this one printed out!

  6. VERY good advice indeed - well worth remembering - I will be pinning it above my desk asap.


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