November 13, 2012

Things That Stress Me Out

Just a few no particular order:

*Entertaining friends.  I am so in awe of people who graciously open their homes, have the skill of small talk, and know the perfect low-maintenance yet impressive recipes that will please people.  I am determined to have people over more often; but I am a big old stress ball the entire time, even with good friends.  I stress, especially afterwards, about words I should have said, things I should have offered, food I should have served.

*Volunteering at school.  I worked at a bake sale on election day, and I swear I was more stressed out about it than I ever was before a big meeting at work.  What to bring, how to present it, how to manage small talk with the other mother working with me...  I was stressed before the nature walk too, and all I had to do was walk around the woods with a few five-year-old boys.

*Singing by myself.  Even though I love to do it.  Singing is one of my favorite things to do in the world, and yet when I sing by myself I can feel my cheeks getting redder with every word.

*Choosing gifts.  I have fun with my immediate family, but buying presents for other occasions is much more stressful.  Hostess gifts are the worst.  Baby presents.  Knowing who to buy for and what to buy.  Etiquette.  Ugh.

*Activities for the boys.  I usually don't stress out about the fact that the boys have not been involved in a ton of extra activities.  But every now and then, I get together with friends, and they talk about the soccer, gymnastics, art, music, etc, classes that their kids are in, and I freak out just a little - just a little - about the lack of involvement on our part.  This is one I can generally get over quickly, but it's there.  Just a little nag in the back of my mind.

*Dressing and shopping.  Deciding what to wear to just about any event is cause for some anxiety, but the more formal it is, the worse the stress.  I'd love to have a personal shopper and stylist.

What are the things that get your blood pressure up?


  1. Ohhhh Mary! We really are living parallel lives across that big ole Atlantic ocean! If I call out over it 'Mary - don't worry!' do you think you'll hear?! I so hear what you are saying and I conclude that (as an observer who is going through similar) this is all to do with being out of our comfort zone. The new school - the fact that we are not at work - the to and fro of full time motherhood. It's a cravasse to negotiate from the old life. If I were near I would say, let's have a cuppa tea (mine's an earl grey) and work all of this out and by the end, maybe it wouldn't seem so stressful! And so funny that you had a last minute dash from the house this morning too as per your comment on my blog... :-) Lou x

  2. these days microeconomic theory is at the top of my stress list. I've been spending like 9 hours a week studying and I'm barely making a C in the class. And I've lost 10 lbs worrying about it. :|

    I definitely sympathize with many of these things though. I feel like I've been the epitome of social awkwardness lately.. and don't even get me started on clothing.

  3. love this post. its stresses me out to list what stresses me out, so i have been avoiding a comment. but i keep coming back to the post and want you to know i love it. i also love the above comment about being the epitome of social awkwardness lately - so great to know we all feel the same way sometimes. another great mwaz post. you rule. hugs from the other side of the usa.


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