November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

sorting and counting

The weekend was a good one, filled with family and friends and candy.  Thankfully, most of that Halloween candy is gone now - I think they each have a couple more pieces to enjoy.  The day after Halloween, I took them to a book store and told them they could "buy" books, for 20 pieces of candy each.  I was so happy they went for it, and they even chose relatively cheap paperbacks!  It put a nice dent in their giant piles of sugar.  Still, I'll be happy when all of it is gone.  

On Saturday, the boys and I enjoyed a birthday party at a nearby farm.  They got to visit animals and even ride a horse.  Very cool.  

We were paid a visit by my very talented cousin, Erin.  She is a professional photographer, and I was so excited to have the opportunity to do a family session with her.  I can't wait to see the pictures!  She also happens to be a very sweet person, and it was awesome to be able to visit with her while she was in town.  The boys were instantly smitten.

Sunday included a family open house at Nathan's school, a visit to the community farm to feed our jack-o-lanterns to the animals, a trip to the playground, and then a cozy evening at home.  

The temperatures are falling, and I can feel Winter coming.  I am researching skis (thinking it's time I buy a pair), making Christmas wish lists for the boys (oh heck, for me too), and choosing recipes (even though I'm not hosting a crowd this year - I am still cooking on Christmas Day).  I know I need to get organized now so that I can enjoy this happy season and not get overwhelmed by it.  

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  1. Hi Mary...I think your sweets for books idea is genius! Anything that gets boys reading. My daughter was always a real bookworm; but my son...well it takes some enticement. It sounds as if you are enjoying yourself now that things are settled with your time out from work. Planning for Christmas feels like such a treat doesn't it? I love the idea that there is time to think things through whereas when I was working it was more like a frantic, military-style epic! I am however getting my head around going back in February....eekkk! Meanwhile I just ordered THE green trousers!! Your tweet made me smile :-) Lou x


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