November 15, 2012

Cassis and Pinterest

Paul Signac - Cassis, Cap Canaille, 1889

I ran across this painting on Pinterest, and I thought it looked familiar.  I pulled up our honeymoon pictures and found the one below.  This was the view from our hotel in Cassis, France.  

Good memories.  I remember really good, crisp white wine.  Cute little boats jammed into the harbor.  Seafood at every meal.  One particularly memorable dinner where Kevin ran out of patience trying to speak French.  The woman at the restaurant just laughed at him.  She brought us good food and more wine and chatted with us a bit. 

Fun thoughts provoked by a picture found on Pinterest.  Yes, it can be a time suck, but it can also be fun and thought-provoking and even useful.  

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