November 20, 2012

House Update

Just a couple updates to report on our progress towards making this house a home.  The Murphy Bed arrived, and it is installed and ready for use.  The long-term goal will be to paint it white, but I am of the opinion that while the boys are so young and destructive, we should leave it as is.  It is in their playroom, after all.  The walls and floors in this room are already taking a pretty good beating.  In the meantime, the natural color actually goes pretty well with the rest of the big toys in the room.  

Here's a view of the bed pulled down.  The boys had a lot of fun testing it out for us.  Now all we need is a visitor!  It will be a great space to have when we have guests.  

This room is coming along.  We'd like to get a small table for one side of the bed, for guests to be able to use as a nightstand, and we still need some additional organization solutions (another big basket, a bookshelf) for the toys.  But it's working.

The other update is that we now have kitchen stools!  We spent a long time searching.  Because of the wood on the island top, we wanted to steer clear of another wood finish.  We started looking at metal options, and there are some really cool ideas out there.  We didn't fall in love with any of them, though, and if you're going to spend $750 per stool then you should really be in love.  So we backtracked and decided that we should stay simple.  I have always liked these easy, backless stools, and they coordinate nicely with the black table in the seating area.  Plus they were significantly cheaper than most other options.  The boys love this space, and they've been eating lunch at the island every day since they arrived.

Little by little...  Up next:  Living room furniture!

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  1. I have that yellow West Elm rug, too, and I love it! :)


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