November 8, 2012

Thinking About...

*The weather.  I still can't get New Jersey and New York off my mind - those poor people without power and gas and food.  This second wallop that they received this week was really unnecessary.  For us, it was another fun day - the first snow of the season is always exciting, and the boys couldn't wait to get out there with their snow boots on.  

*The election.  Actually, now that it's over, it feels blissfully quiet.  No more polls, no more of the endless phone calls, no more pundit predictions.  It's nice, although the initial optimism has worn off much more quickly this time around.  All of a sudden, everyone is focused on the "fiscal cliff" we are all doomed to fall off at the end of the year.  Sigh...

*Holiday food.  My sister-in-law, who is hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year, emailed me her grocery and recipe list.  She is a lot like me in this regard.  I love it.  My mind is focused on making a good dessert contribution - I've decided on a mint chocolate tart.  

*Christmas presents.  I started my list for the boys, and I think I've decided what their "Santa" gifts will be, so I decided to go ahead and get those.  It was a little harder this year, but I'm excited and I think they will be too.  

*Aaron's birthday party.  I try so hard to keep it simple, but sometimes I think it's harder to have a simple party at home than it is to rent out a big place and invite the whole class.  I still maintain that it's worth it to have a simple party at home, though, so I will forge on.  He has requested superheroes, so that's what he shall get!

*Cloud Atlas.  Since the movie is now out, I decided I really needed to go back and re-read it.  I want the images in my head to be my own and not from the movie.  It's an amazing book, but it is a tough one.  It's worth a second look.


  1. I've been thinking about thanksgiving dishes already too, mostly because I started a cleanse, so I'll be having a vegan, gluten free meal. I'm kind of excited for the challenge. haha.

    I think birthday parties in general are tough. :| Emma is already talking about her next one (she just turned four a couple of weeks ago.) and she keeps mentioning the friends she's going to invite. I'm sooo not ready for that aspect of parenting. I can't even handle the thought of having extra children and their parents in my home!

    I want to see Cloud Atlas, but I didn't know it's a book.. Maybe I should read it first. If you go see it, let me know how it is!

  2. Hi Mary - wow that quote is just something else isn't it? We SO are what we read; I am constantly quoting things I have read, it's become a real thing with me I have found. Conversation after conversation starts with 'I read...!' I figure that's a good thing but I realise how much information I take in through twitter etc. Is there ever a case of being too well informed?!

    I can't get over you having snow already. This winter has crept up. We obviously viewed your election from afar but it was nice to wake up to the result being decided and everyone can now refocus.

    I have my head in the sand about Christmas shopping! I feel like it wasn't long ago I was doing it for last year...!

    Must get on with it!
    L xx


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