October 9, 2009

A Look Back - October 2008

It's hard to believe it's been over a year and a half since I started this blog. Even harder to believe that I've been able to keep it up. I've gone through droughts of inspiration and motivation for sure, but I've kept at it, and I love looking back at old posts. This has truly become what I intended it to be - my happy place. Thanks for stopping by, and for that handful of repeat visitors, thanks for supporting me!

Here's a look back at some of what I was talking about a year ago:

What's the best dessert you've ever made? - A reminder that Thanksmas - and our annual family dessert competition - is coming up soon. Better break out the cookbooks and decide what to make. We were a little ambitious with last year's entry, and although we won, I think we'll go for a more simple recipe this year. Anyone have ideas?

Five Senses Weekend - Vermont Edition - Fun to look at pictures from last year's trip to Vermont. We weren't able to go this year due to our new addition, but I'm looking forward to Vermont 2010.

I Love Boston #4 - The Red Sox - Playoffs are about to begin. Although I've been somewhat removed from baseball this year, my Sox are in the playoffs and I'll be watching.

I Love Boston #5 - Head of the Charles - We'll be going again next weekend. Looking forward to it!

I Love Boston #6 - Clam Chowder - I still haven't tried this clam chowder recipe, but I have it printed out in my kitchen along with another one, ready to try and compare. I'll keep you posted.

The Seasonal Clothes Switch - I just completed mine last weekend. Still working on K's. Resulted in two donation bags, which feels good.

Pumpkin Fest! - Will you make it to a Pumpkin Festival this year?

How to be More Creative

My Favorite Apple Recipes - I've already made the pie and autumn apple cake so far this year, but there is plenty of time left to enjoy apples before I move on to pumpkins.

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