October 7, 2009

Good Books, Tricycles, and Kisses

This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1. I love having a good book to read. My current selection, The Book Thief, is making it nice to curl up in bed.

2. I arrived at preschool and saw the big boy pedaling a tricycle around the playground. He hadn't been able to use the pedals before. Every day brings something like this that reminds me how quickly my little boy is growing up.

3. I brought the little boy downstairs from a nap, and the big boy ran over to me, saying "Nathan, Nathan, do you want to see me?" He then proceeded to climb up me to give him kisses.

This isn't the greatest picture of the little boy, but it still makes me smile. It already looks like the boys are up to no good together. I love it.

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