October 26, 2009

Closet Update

Okay, the deadline is almost here. For what? My organizing goals of course! I've done a pretty good job. I even got those wood hangers in my closet (see above). Such a little thing, but it makes such a nice difference. As I told K, it makes me feel like a grown-up. The only things I haven't done yet are to organize those bookshelves (still painting, if you can believe it) and to get rid of that old grill. Nobody on freecycle wanted it, but I figure I'll try again when grill season rolls back around.

Of course, the thing about organizing projects is that there's always a list of them to be done. And even when you check some off, they reappear only a short time later. For example, I desperately need to clean out the car again and replenish my driving music, especially as I restart my work commute. So for now, I'll pat myself on the back for accomplishing these goals. Next week, I'll put together my next list!

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