October 15, 2009

Apple Picking - Take 3

Waiting for the train

Yep, this is our third time apple-picking this season. What can I say? We love apples. The big boy loves the train and the animals and the slides too. The farm is 1/4 mile up the road. And Daddy hadn't had a chance to go yet this year. I see season passes in our future, once we have to start paying for our little dudes.

Notice the big coats - it is getting chilly!!

He was scared of this slide the first time we came ("too big Mommy"), but clearly he's gotten over that.

Once again, the little guy slept through the whole thing!

Dad and son on a tractor. Doesn't get more fun than that!

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  1. Kitty Mac15.10.09

    We gotta get that kid another hat...maybe one with an LA on it!! :) fun pix sis!!


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