October 1, 2008

I Love Boston #4: The Red Sox

I'd say I've been a baseball fan since late high school, but growing up in NC, I didn't have a home team. The moment I moved to Boston, I became a Red Sox fan. Fenway is one of the best places to watch a game, and I get to hate the Yankees. Good stuff.

A few of my best Fenway memories (so far) include:
- I took a week off when I moved up to Boston. The day after I unpacked, I spent an afternoon at Fenway Park. It was a gorgeous sunny day in early August, and this was back in the days when you could go to the ticket office and simply buy a ticket for the game. I went by myself, so I got a pretty good single ticket, along the first base line. I had a couple beers and enjoyed myself immensely.
- One of my first dates with my husband was at Fenway. It was the American League Championship Series in 1999 - Red Sox vs. Yankees. Incredibly expensive tickets, although I still don't know how much K ended up paying. I just know he was trying to impress me. It worked.
- My husband and I got to watch an almost-no-hitter by Mike Mussina (who was one of my favorite pitchers before he joined the dreaded Yankees). It was exciting to be there, until Carl Everett hit a single in the bottom of the ninth with two outs to break it up.

The baseball playoffs start today for the AL. It will be a little weird not having the Yankees in the mix, but I'll try to enjoy myself anyway. ;-) Go Sox!

Of course, I ended up marrying a Yankees fan, but hey, we can't all be perfect. At least he's recognized that he has no hope of corrupting our son.


  1. I love this post. Go Sox!

  2. How does your relationship survive that rivalry?! :-)

    My hubby is a DIE HARD Sox fan. To the point where he has an Ortiz Wheaties box in his closet. Seriously. Our schedule revolves around theirs. In fact, we were invited to the movies tonight, but instead we're home because it's the playoffs. I always wanted to move to Boston because I'm in love with the city. Rob has always wanted to move to Boston because he's in love with the Sox.


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