October 8, 2008

Thanks, Mom!

Once again, my mom left my house much cleaner than she found it. You should see my fridge! It is CLEAN! And organized! No more moldy salsa hiding out in the back. All the dressings are together on one shelf. Amazing. The top of my stove, the inside of my microwave, the dust out of the corners... All that, and she took great care of the little boy as well so that Kevin & I could go relax in Vermont. Thank you thank you thank you!

*The little boy misses his "Mema", but I keep reminding him that we'll see her again in just a few short weeks. Thanksgiving at her house! Yeh!

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  1. mom visits are the BEST! mine is here a few more days and i am loving it! so glad you 2 enjoyed vermont! i love that you have the vt tradition each fall!


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