October 17, 2008

Online Addiction

...for the little ones. My almost 2-year old is addicted to the computer. The problem is, there's so much fun stuff out there! Sesame Street has a great site, and they have tons of games and videos (including old-school ones from my days of watching). A's current faves are the ones depicted above: India Arie singing ABCs, ABC Hip-Hop, and C is for Cookie.

Starfall.com is another great site for the kiddos. A was pretty addicted to the ABCs on this site, and I think he knows all the pictures by heart at this point.

I don't really want him staring at a screen all the time, and I certainly get tired of playing the same videos over and over and over again. That said, we only watch a few minutes here and there, and the videos are fun and educational. I think I'll appreciate these even more as he gets a little older. In the meantime, I won't mind having "C is for Cookie" stuck in my head like it is today.

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