October 20, 2008

I Love Boston #5 - Head of the Charles

Reason #5 Why I Love Boston: Head of the Charles
Every year in Cambridge, the world's largest two-day rowing event is held. It's called the Head of the Charles. I know nothing about rowing except that it is a graceful and extremely strenuous sport. I love watching the races, even though I never know what's going on or who I'm rooting for. I'm in awe of the beauty and skill in the competition. Throw in live music, food vendors, artists, and tons of people picnicking by the river, and you have a very nice way to spend a Fall day.

*Enjoying apple cider and watching the race. I think I can live with the colder weather if it means looking at this cutie in his warm coat and hat!


  1. I'm not an athlete, but you list many of the reasons why I love being a spectator!

  2. Can you believe I went to school right on the Charles and I never went to this?!

    Your son is ADORABLE!!

  3. Mary - Well you still don't live too far to go. Next year!

    And thanks - he is gorgeous, I must say. ;-)

  4. these pictures are great what a perfect new england fall moment!


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