October 29, 2008

Five Senses Weekend

*Seriously. This cake smells gooooood. Image from Cooking Light

- The latest episode of Heroes - I love entertaining TV shows that take you completely out of reality
- Several episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report - these are based in reality, but at least they make me laugh along the way

- The little boy singing a medley of "Where is Thumbkin?", "ABCs", and "Baa Baa Black Sheep"
- Geese honking as they flew overhead (and of course the little boy pointing and yelling "geese!")

- The little boy and I went grocery shopping on Saturday morning. He likes to inspect everything that goes in the cart, but he especially loves the produce section. He can name almost everything now. We felt "smooth" pears, "wet" kale, and "sticky" cantaloupe. (Actually, it was his hands that were sticky. The cantaloupe was pre-chopped, and he opened the container to eat almost the entire thing during the trip!)
- Scratchy leaves tickled our necks as we got out of a big leaf pile

- This wonderful Autumn Apple Cake filled the house with a wonderful smell!
- Wet leaves the morning after an evening thunderstorm

- My usual decaf latte helps warm me up on these now very cool mornings
- We had a few banana pancakes along with the usual blueberry version on Sunday morning. Yum!
*A loves running around in the leaves!

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  1. Happiness is as simple as that, engaging the senses! What a satisfying weekend you had.


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