October 6, 2008

Five Senses Weekend - Vermont Edition

- A billion stars in the clear night sky
- Gorgeous artwork behind the artists themselves at the Arts & Crafts Fair
- The relaxing sound of a waterfall
- Rustling leaves, blowing in the wind
- The happy chatter of little kids as they crowded around a magician
- Yummy local brews
- Salmon with Maine crabmeat, couscous, and asparagus
- Poached eggs, homemade tater tots, chard (I never knew chard could be so good!)
- Samples of cheese, chocolate, salsa, jam...
- Pancakes with blueberry-cinnamon compote
- An antique grandfather clock, until my husband grabbed my hand and said "it's $15,000 - stop touching it!"
- The smell of Fall - a fire burning in the fireplace, leaves
- Hot apple cider and cookies

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  1. Anonymous6.10.08

    hi mary, thanks for stopping by my blog today! i love your blog and will be back later to catch up on your posts :)


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