June 9, 2008

Tomato Update: *(&%#*@ Rabbits!

I like rabbits. Really, I do. And I love that we live in an area that has wild animals - rabbits, geese, turkeys, occasionally deer... But in the span of one week since planting the tomatoes outside, I lost three full plants (and parts of others). Sigh. So we got some spray that is supposed to help, and we put some netting around each of the plants. The netting really isn't intended to keep out rabbits - we have it wrapped around our blueberry bushes to try to keep out the chipmunks and birds that ate our entire blueberry supply last summer. But I figure, if the rabbits make their way through the netting and decide the hot pepper spray doesn't really taste that bad, then they can have my tomatoes. If it doesn't work, then I'll just accept the fact that I can't grow tomatoes until we set up a separate little garden with a fence around it. Not this year. So keep your fingers that this does the trick. Otherwise, I'll just have to give up my hopes of having a few home-grown tomatoes this summer.

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