June 2, 2008

Surprise Saturday

Sometimes it's nice when the weather people get it wrong. They were predicting a totally rainy weekend. I was braced for a wet and dreary Saturday, and since K was taking the car in for service, it meant being stuck inside all day. Not necessarily a bad thing if you can relax and hang out, but I've learned that it is pretty miserable to be stuck inside all day with a little kid who wants to do nothing but go outside. So I was dreading Saturday.

I woke up Saturday morning to bright and warm sunshine. Oh, and the boy let us sleep in until 7:30! My gosh that's a good start to the weekend. We spent all morning outside, playing in the yard, swinging, taking walks, planting... (The little boy loves picking up dirt, filling up containers, and dumping them out. He also occasionally gets a little silly, as shown below.)

On one of our walks, we ventured up to our local fire station. Since A adores trucks, I thought I'd show him the fire truck. A fireman came out and invited us in, let us sit inside the truck, touch the ladder/boots/etc, and then he gave A a fireman's hat and coloring book. What a fun surprise! I think that will be a regular stop from now on.

The rain eventually did move in - soothing summer thunderstorms, right in time for naptime.

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