June 3, 2008

This Week's Organizing: Medicine Cabinets, Car

This week's organizing project started with the medicine cabinets. I took 10 minutes to look at the expiration dates on everything in our bathrooms, and I came away with a surprisingly-full bag of stuff. How on earth could we still have a bottle of aspirin that's 10 years beyond expiration?!? That means it's gone through at least three moves! Sad. Anyway, it's now an empty bottle in the recycle bin. Unfortunately, my husband found the stash of stuff getting thrown away/recycled and chose to "save" a few items. Sigh. It's tough when your partner isn't as ruthless as you want to be about organizing. So a few things ended up back in the cabinets, but I made good progress regardless.

My next project (yes! two in one week!) was to clean out the car. I eat breakfast in the car, so there were empty bottles and cereal bar wrappers. Lots of CD cases and mis-matched CDs strewn about. And the entire back seat was full of books, toys, and other distractions for the boy. Steps I took:
1. Clean out the trash.
2. Take out all CD cases, and put a selection of CDs into a travel CD case.
3. Put a small storage box in the floor in the back seat. Use this to keep toys and books for the boy.
What an improvement!

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