June 17, 2008

The Blessings of a Rainy Day

Last weekend, I blogged about how nice it is when the weatherpeople get it wrong- that is, a rainy day turns out not to be rainy after all. This weekend, I got to appreciate the positives of a rainy day.

The first blessing? An 8AM wake-up call. Seriously! 8AM! I haven't slept that late since the little boy was born. I rolled over and looked at the clock, and I jumped up - I was startled that it was so late and that I hadn't heard the little boy calling for us yet. Then I realized that it was dark and rainy outside - I'm sure that kept him quiet longer than usual. Just then, he lost his patience and said "Mom! I'm up! Come play with me now!" (In his own, 18-month way, of course.) I was happy to oblige.

That set the tone for the day. The second blessing? Although the rain kept us indoors, we were all feeling good and happy to play inside. For the little boy, he played with absolutely everything in the house, as we moved from room to room. For me and Kev, it meant that we didn't have to do yard work, and we didn't have to feel guilty about not doing it. It was raining - what could we do?

The third blessing was that the rainy day somehow motivated Kevin to go through his clothes. He finally finished swapping out his summer and winter clothes, and he managed to part with a rather sizable pile of items. I scheduled a pick-up for this week. Hooray!

And the fourth? When the little boy went down for his nap, I got to use up some leftover pumpkin from the freezer to make some pumpkin muffins for the week. I wouldn't generally bake on a warm and sunny day; but on a cold, wet, dreary day, baking is the perfect activity. It made the house feel warm and cozy, and my breakfasts have been very tasty this week.

*Aaron had fun arranging all his animals around the table with him so they could watch him put his puzzle together. Until I put on some music - then he had to get up and dance!

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