July 2, 2008

Travel Tray, Float

This travel tray is my latest recommended kid item. We had a relatively long stint in the car on our latest vacation, so I purchased this tray to facilitate some play-time in the car, and it was so worth it! The little boy was able to "read" a stack of books, put together a puzzle, and keep his snack/drink accessible.

It's not perfect - I think it should have a barrier preventing things from falling back towards the car seat - but it's the best out there, I like that it's soft, and the boy loved it! It will definitely be used on any longer car trips going forward.

If you're in the market for something to use with your baby in the pool, this float is great! Very easy, sturdy, gives a little extra protection from the sun, has space to put a couple toys or bowls... Most importantly, the little boy loved it!
(Age: 9-24 months.)

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