July 11, 2008

Five Senses Friday

I got the inspiration for this post on this lovely blog. There are so many ways to focus on the positive and wonderful things in life. This is just one more. Why not try them all?

- a refreshing breeze coming through the windows to cool down the house at night
- the scratchy grass on my bare feet
- the little boy talking to himself as he flips through a book in his crib in the morning
- K turning on the shower, which is my cue to get out of bed
- sweet oreo gelato from the farm
- ice-cold refreshing lemonade on a hot day
- mint from my herb barrel (sometimes I just pick a leaf to smell the yumminess)
- dryer sheets
- little boys playing baseball in the little league field in our back yard
- an airplane flying high in the sky (and the little boy looking up and pointing)
- orange lilies blooming in the yard

What do you touch/hear/taste/smell/see today?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous14.7.08

    From Meri

    My touch/hear/taste/smell/see on Sunday, July 13, 2008

    The warmth of my 2-yo daughter’s body, sitting in my lap, still sleepy from her early afternoon nap while we read a story so she slowly slips back into a day of happy activities…

    The rhymes my 9-yo daughter has put together for her school mate to write on a beautiful birthday card (with the image of an Indian boy peeking from an Indian tent) she had made all by herself…

    The trout from the oven my husband has made for lunch…

    The over-heated earth being refreshed by a heavy summer storm causing (much damage in other regions unfortunately)…

    The energy flowing from Buena Vista Social musicians and singers from Havana, Cuba, staging in Ljubljana, Slovenia…


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