July 30, 2008


Another reminder for a playtime activity that doesn't require toys. Dress-up! (Yes, boys do this too.) I know this is obvious and everybody knows this, but sometimes I write these things as reminders for myself.

The little boy loves trying my shoes on, and his fireman's hat is his favorite thing ever. Save all your old Halloween accessories - we had a stethoscope, cat ears, and chef's hat all in storage - and make them accessible to your little ones. Throw in any odds and ends as they surface over time - hats, scarves, tiaras... - and you'll end up with a basket of fun! A is not even 2 yet, so I can imagine this will only get more fun as he gets older.

*The little boy had a blast in this beret and a scarf. Channeling his inner Parisian!

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