July 18, 2008

Great at being Mary

My mom says I've been a little too self-deprecating on my blog lately, saying "I'm not a great cook", and "I'm not a gardener", etc. Well, I'm not going to retract those statements, but perhaps a little explanation is in order.

When I say "I'm not a great cook", I simply mean that I'm not the type of cook that has the creativity to come up with their own dishes. I can't just "wing it" in the kitchen, throw together whatever's in my fridge, and come up with something tasty. I've tried, and it isn't pretty. That said, I am pretty good at finding simple and tasty recipes, keeping an organized recipe file/binder, and preparing healthy home-cooked meals for my family every night. And I know that's saying a lot!

When I say "I'm not a gardener", I mean that I know very little about gardening. I don't know the names of plants, and I don't know who needs full sun or lots of water or which plants are going to spread out or even which ones are annuals vs. perennials. I'm learning a little, though. And I'm having fun trying. I give myself a lot of credit for working with my husband to create a pretty yard full of bushes, trees, and flowers. I like my current routine of watering the tomatoes with the little boy every evening. Perhaps one day I'll know enough to call myself a gardener.

So if I say "I'm not..." something, I am not putting myself down. Actually, I'm praising my abilities to continue to learn and try new things!
*NOTE: It was unbelievably hard to find somewhat recent pictures of myself. We have 10 million of the boy, but very few of just me or K. We'll have to remind ourselves to point the camera at each other more often.

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  1. Anonymous22.7.08

    From Meri:

    Hey, I was getting a little worried about grading my own skills having read the posts about yours... Explanation was definitely in order...


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