July 28, 2008

Five Senses Weekend

- Friends and family at three barbecues
- The little boy lift up one of his legs to mimic a flamingo

- Huge claps of thunder during another summer thunderstorm
- Laughter and loud talking as people mingle at the parties
- My two boys singing and laughing in the back seat as I drive us home

- Lots of hugs from friends and family
- The smooth heaviness of a bocce ball
- S'mores. Marshmallows cooked over a fire, graham crackers, and chocolate. Super yum.
- Stuffed mushrooms, sweet potatoes in a blanket, and cannollis (some of the tasty highlights at my sister-in-law's engagement party)

- We sat around a fire pit at a barbecue Saturday night, enjoying a clear night, conversation, and the smell of smoke
- Fresh orange smell as I prepare a batch of sangria
- The clean fresh smell of the little boy's hair after his bath

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