July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

There are typically only a handful of days a year when it is painful not to have air conditioning.  We're going through them now.  It's still not too bad, though, and there are typically plenty of ways to beat the heat, so I won't complain.

The weekend started off with the usual stop at the farmer's market, where we met up with friends, watched the boys run around, listened to music, and bought a large bag of goodies.  That afternoon, I took the boys up to the farm, where we played on the playground, ate gelato, watched a magician, and picked peaches.  Sunday morning, we headed back to Walden Pond.  It's such a great place to have nearby - so pretty, and perfect for the kids to play in the sand and swim until their fingers wrinkle like raisins.  A nice place to escape the heat for sure.

We also managed to get some things done around the house, and we rounded out the weekend with runs through sprinklers and popsicles.  I'm only a couple weeks away from starting my new phase, and that fact is really sinking in now.  My goal for the week is to clean out my desk and really start getting excited about the change.  It's going to be good for all of us.


  1. The very idea of heat and sun....seriously we are having the worst summer ever! It has rained and rained and rained, our garden is flooded! Can I move to where you live?! I can relate to stocking up on goodies; I have so much fruit and veg in my kitchen it's spilling out of every bowl. I guess you're counting down to your work change...hope it's feeling good and is not freaking you out! Love Lou x

  2. I really can't get over you not having a/c! I hope the heat passes soon for you all! I missed the farmers market this weekend b/c Bryan had to work Sat morning, and Emma woke up throwing up. :[

  3. Ah, your weekends always sound so lovely :) I can't wait for the warmer weather to return here; we had what seemed like the rainiest summer ever last time around! Air conditioning isn't such a big deal here, so I am always bemused at D's horror at the fact that we don't have any. I suppose the next summer will be one of complaints ;)

  4. Lou - I've been watching your weather, and I'm so sorry for you! So much rain! It looks like you may have a nice stretch coming up (fingers crossed), and perhaps the Olympics will provide a nice distraction. At the very least, you have your warm and sunny holiday coming up soon. Hollie - this is not Texas. ;-) Most of the old houses up here don't have a/c, so it's not unusual at all, and truly not a big deal except for a few days a summer. Our house is pretty shady, and we have window units in the boys' rooms. Sorry to hear about Emma! Hope she's feeling better. Natasha - I love following gorgeous blogs such as yours from the other side of the world. It's a cool break from our hot days.


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