July 18, 2012

Magicians, Homegrown Lettuce, and Changes

1.  The boys and I ventured up to one of our local farms over the weekend to pick peaches.  We also took a break from the heat to eat gelato and watch a silly magician.  It was a fun diversion.  

2.  My neighbor was gracious enough to share her garden beds with us this year.  She has also been sharing her enormous yield of lettuce, so we've been enjoying extremely fresh salads this summer.   

3.  The countdown has begun, and I am eager and excited to start the next phase.  Only seven more work days left.  The next couple months will bring more change - the end of my job, the start of new schools for both boys, and moving into the new part of our house.  Bring it on!


  1. #3... how exciting!!!

  2. lovely things now (yes! to peaches) and lovely things to come!


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