July 5, 2012

Rain, Parades, and Relaxing

Those fire truck sirens were LOUD!

This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1.  July 4th started off with rain.  My garden appreciated the drink (those tomatoes are almost as tall as I am now!), and I appreciated the fact that the dark morning helped my boys sleep late.  8AM!  Woohoo! 

2.  The rain ended, and the sun came out in time for the parade.  The crowds were smaller due to the weather (although it ended up being beautiful), so we got to sit right on the curb for front-row viewing.  Aaron's favorite part was the candy thrown at us, and Nathan's favorites were the fire trucks (even though he had to cover his ears the entire time).

3.  While the boys ran around the yard and played, I relaxed and read my book for a while.  I didn't wash dishes, or fold laundry, or pull weeds, or... Okay I did all of those things, but for an hour or so I stopped, read my book, and relaxed

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