July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Another awesome Summer weekend.  Kevin passed a certification exam he had to take at work (yay!), so he was completely free this weekend.  He felt like he missed out the last few weeks, so he wanted to make sure we did some fun things together as a family.  Boy did we!

On Saturday, we made our usual stop at the farmer's market, where we bought vegetables, ate raspberries and bagels, and kicked a ball.  We decided to walk to a local record store to flip through old albums, and we popped in the library to replenish our book supply.  After lunch, we ventured out to rent a canoe and take it for a ride on The Charles.  We felt a little silly having to drive somewhere to do this, since we live on the river.  I think there will be a canoe and/or kayaks in our future so we can do this on our own whenever we want.  We topped off the afternoon with ice cream.  Hello, awesome day! 

And it wasn't even over!  It was Date Night!  The boys got to watch Cars 2 (again!) with their sitter while Kevin and I went out.  We went to our favorite local restaurant and then to the movies.  We saw "Moonrise Kingdom", which I loved.  I am not a huge Wes Anderson fan - I've liked some of his movies, but not all.  His style is definitely unique and can take some time to adjust to.  This one I really liked, though.  Silly and sweet.

On Sunday, we went into Boston.  We set out blankets in The Common, and watched the boys splash around on Frog Pond.  They splashed, ate lunch, played on the playground, and rode the carousel.  It also happened to be a picture-perfect day. 

The only negative to this fabulous weekend was that I didn't get enough sleep.  I am just not up for late movies these days.  As a result, I got a little impatient by the end of the weekend.  I was in bed before nine o'clock last night.  My single goal for the week is to do that again and again so that I can replenish my body and my mind with sleep.  There is a lot of fun to be had, and I want to make sure I have the energy to do it!

Our perfect little picnic spot in the shade


  1. Oh what a fabulously perfect weekend! Frog pond looks like so much fun! Love Boston summers. Wish we were there (minus home renovation :)

  2. Sounds like the best weekend ever!! Wes Anderson is definitely quirky, but I loved his stuff forever.


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