July 13, 2012

House Update

Since my house actually looks mostly pretty from the outside now, I thought I'd stick to personal shots this time.  The exterior is done!  That includes a fresh coat of paint on the entire house, and I must say, it looks sharp.  It is especially nice to walk on the nice and clean front porch.  The shot below is the top of the new side entrance.  It is almost complete, but it is missing the railings.  

Inside, we have doors!  We have salvaged antique wood doors throughout the house, and our current contractor was a bit intimidated by them.  They are all unique, and old, and require dipping to get all paint off, sanding, and woodworking to get them to be the right size and to match as much as possible.  In the end, they still sometimes end up just a tiny bit crooked.  They're beautiful, though, and they add so much character to the house.  They are totally worth the extra effort/cost.  

Up next:  Finishing the interior trim, and the kitchen cabinets arrive next week!

Cool doors - and also notice the little sneak peek of the lovely floors, and paint samples on the wall


  1. It looks gorgeous! It must be so nice for you to see it all coming together. Have a lovely weekend, Mary. xox

  2. It looks beautiful - so charming! great choice of colours, and I just ADORE your porch!
    Paula x

  3. I can't even begin to imagine how anxious ya'll must be. I am so excited to finally see the finished product- complete with your classic style and kid art on the walls. I am so impressed with your upbeat attitude through it all.


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