July 8, 2013

Things I Learned...in Maine

We had yet another fabulous trip to Maine.  It is fast becoming one of my favorite places in the world.  Stunning beaches, quaint towns, tasty lobster, friendly people...  It has it all, and it's less than two hours from home!  The weather was hot hot hot, but if it's gonna be sweltering, the beach is a pretty great place to be.  The boys are also getting to be much lower-maintenance.  With every trip, it gets easier.  

Here are just a few things I learned this time around...

1.  Bring good shoes.  I forgot how much walking there is, and I did all of it in flip-flops.  My shins were not happy.  
2.  The ocean is cold off the coast of Maine.  The air may have been really hot, but the water was bone-numbing cold.  I always seem to forget that too.  It didn't stop the boys from jumping right in and having a blast, though.
3.  My favorite flavor of ice cream is called Maine Black Bear.  I have tried ice cream/gelato in many different places around the world, and I've tried just about all the flavors.  It's official - this one is my fave.  (Raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate truffles - soooooo good.)
4.  I will never be able to afford one of those beachfront houses.  But it's fun to dream.  
5.  Breathing in salt air, listening to the waves, watching the kids squeal and laugh in the water...the beach is good for my soul.
6.  If you're walking around in a bikini, don't steal glances at your reflection in the window.  Just own it.  
7.  You don't have to travel far to take a vacation that feels very far from the routine of your home life.
8.  Coming home a day earlier than everyone else means that there is less traffic and that you have a day at home to get settled again before having to jump back into that routine.  
9.  Whoopee cushions are never not funny.

My travel companions, enjoying the view.

The boys got to see what a sparkler is.

Just a short walk to the ocean walk to see a great fireworks display.  Another first for the boys.


  1. I love these pictures!!

    I used to think vacations that werent out of state were a waste until I moved to Texas. There's so much goodness within driving distance.

    I've never been to Maine, but I'd really love to!

  2. What a fun weekend!

  3. Sounds idyllic - and as for that Maine Black Bear ice cream flavour - yum!


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