July 16, 2013

You Are What You Read

Poetry and History

This site is pretty cool - people who work in the art and design world describing their favorite books.  Interesting choices, and I love seeing all those messy stacks of books.  

I love looking at other people's bookshelves.  Visiting someone's home and browsing through their books is very fun, and I think you can definitely get a feel for someone based on the books they read.  So I thought I'd share some pictures of the books you'd see if you visited my house.  It doesn't include my nightstand, which has a big stack of books I haven't read yet, plus what I'm reading now of course.  It also doesn't include about three boxes of books that are stuck in the attic.  I haven't decided how to bring them out yet, but they contain a lot of old classics - think The Great Gatsby, A Separate Peace, Sense & Sensibility...  Books that should really grace my shelves.  

But here's what you'd see at the moment:

Living Room - just a few shelves on either side of the fireplace...

Office - This is where most of our books are.  Somewhat sorta kinda organized by subject.  Poetry and history shown above.  

Business/Economics up top, and some recognizable series in the middle

History and Religion up top (with a lot of general fiction too), 
Baseball in the middle (I love baseball books and am reminded that I haven't read one yet this summer)
Anita Shreve and other general fiction on the bottom

Family Room - Still working on filling in these shelves, and perhaps this is where those boxes in the attic need to be added.  
Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Barbara Kingsolver, and House & Garden stuff

Recent fiction, including Ian McEwan, Sebastian Barry, and many books I've mentioned on the blog
Also music coffee-table books

Books by and/or about musicians up top

What do you think my bookshelves say about me?  Do you see some that I'm missing?  Do you have any recommendations for organizing/displaying them?  What do you think your own bookshelves say about you?


  1. Love this post. Very eclectic collection of books!

  2. I love how your books are interspersed with photos, kid art and rocks.


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