July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Collecting seashells

What a beautiful weekend.  After a horrendously hot week, the entire weekend was blissfully refreshing.  We started out on Friday afternoon with an invitation to a new friend's house.  They live very close and have a gorgeous pool, which felt amazing on the hottest day of the sticky week.  The boys were excited to show me everything they've learned so far in their swimming lessons, and I was excited to make a new friend.  Their family has two little boys as well, and there are quite a few other similarities between our families; so I'm optimistic that this is the start of a fun new friendship.  

On Saturday, we spent the day on Cape Cod.  We were invited by some other friends to spend the day at their beach house.  It was a hot but gorgeous day, and we all had a great time playing, boating, swimming, eating, and again, extending and solidifying friendships.  

Sunday involved some time at home, working in the yard and explaining to the boys that sometimes it's okay to chill at home.  Aaron still struggles with this at times.  He basically waited all day until it was time for us to go to another outing.  We were invited to dinner and a swim for the kids.  The swimming allowed the adults to talk for a little bit, and then we all enjoyed a nice summer meal.  The meal included a salad featuring our own tomatoes and cucumbers.  :-D

So I reached the end of the weekend and realized that we never had to cook for ourselves!  We will have to be sure to reciprocate all these fun invitations, especially as summer ends and the desire for being by a pool or beach wanes.  I am feeling so incredibly lucky to have so many awesome friends.  

And now, as the boys enter their last week of camp, we still have so much summer fun left to look forward to.  Next up - Newport!

Private Beach



  1. I'm a little jealous of that hammock. I need to get in one.

  2. ps. I can't wait to hear about Newport! I hope you have fun.


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