July 15, 2013

The Dog Days...

For the first time in what feels like a really long time, I'm in a funk.  For the past several days, I've been on edge, and I'm not even really sure why.  I guess life ebbs and flows like that sometimes.  I found myself getting more frustrated with people than necessary, uncomfortable in social situations, and overall I think maybe just a bit bored.  

It wasn't a bad weekend.  We played baseball, grilled dinner, picked veggies from the garden.  We visited an old high school friend of Kevin's on Sunday.  He and his family have a house on a lake, so we hung out, took the boys for rides on the boat.  It was a really lovely day, but I just couldn't relax and enjoy it for some reason.  

The climax of the negativity occurred on Sunday evening, when I accidentally left a potholder too close to the stovetop.  It caught on fire, burning an ugly spot on our not-even-one-year-old island countertop.  I wanted to cry.  I actually woke up at four o'clock this morning, stressed about it and unable to go back to sleep.  I will keep it in perspective, I promise.  However, this type of house stuff hanging over my head is a source of stress I had hoped was mostly behind me.  (Also still battling a floor issue, we have doors that need to be hung and painted, and these ridiculously hot and muggy weeks have Kevin determined to investigate central air conditioning.)

So now I take a deep breath and look forward to a new week.  We have more fun plans coming up, so I will plan for those and look forward to them.  I'm going to reach out to friends, continue exercising every day, drink lots of water (and delicious homemade lemon-limeade!), eat healthy lunches with those veggies from the garden, read good books, and relish the fact that I get to hang out with my boys and play during the day.  It's all good.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling this way! I've been a little funky lately too, and I think it peaked when I broke the glass in that cabinet door. :[

    I hope you get a break from the heat, and to feeling better!

  2. How fun!! Childhood summers are the best!!!


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