July 2, 2013

Little Things and the Week Ahead

We had such a wonderful day celebrating our little man.  It was threatening to rain, so I was nervous and contingency planning.  Thankfully, we didn't have to break out the "Pin the tail on Bullseye" inside the house, as the rain mostly stayed away.  It was muggy and very hot, but I'll take it!  The boys had a blast, and I did too.  

an adorable gaggle of boys

The last couple days have been cloudy, with on and off showers and storms rolling through.  So instead of venturing out to a local swimming pond, the boys and I have spent quality time at home.  It's been surprisingly okay.  So far, I've heard very little of the dreaded "I'm bored".  I know it has only been a week since school let out, but still...I feel like my boys are figuring out how to entertain themselves more, and we are all getting along pretty well.  We are plowing through our Summer Fun List pretty quickly - I think we need to slow down!

I've been able to take note of lots of the little things, such as:

  • playing catch in the yard
  • picking our first cucumber and cherry tomatoes
  • riding bikes up to the library
  • the resulting silence in the house after we return home with a stack of books
  • the smell of banana-zucchini bread filling the house as I attempt to use up all our perishables before our trip
  • allowing the boys to sleep later and later (today was 8:30!) as I enjoy a bit of quiet in the morning
  • watching the boys create works of art
  • learning new things as we take on 'pick-an-animal day' (today was sea turtles)
  • walking through the grass barefoot

Tomorrow, we are off to the beach!  We are headed back to our favorite little town in Maine.  (Although I should admit that we have not explored enough of that beautiful state.  Need to see more.  What we've seen is so beautiful!)  We will be there through Saturday for our first taste of the ocean of the summer.  All I want to do is dig my toes into the sand and listen to the waves.  Ah....I can't wait!


  1. Enjoy your trip!! Happy late birthday to your little man. :]

  2. Have lots and lots of fun!!! Sounds like your boys are building wonderful summer memories. =)


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