July 1, 2013


photos by Erin McCarthy

My baby is four.  I'd be a little sad and nostalgic about it if he wasn't growing into such a cool little boy.  But he is, so no time for tears.  Just laughter and amazement.  A few things about my gorgeous boy...

1.  His favorite color is blue.
2.  He is a pasta man.  Pasta with sauce is his favorite, and he does really well with a lot of veggies.  Not a fan of meat in general.  
3.  He likes mixing his cereals together for breakfast.  Granola and honey bunches of oats, for example.  
4.  His favorite TV show is Wild Kratts.  (Although with a big brother, he rarely gets to choose.)
5.  He went through a wicked superhero phase, and he still loves them, but I think he is now starting to allow room for other interests.  
6.  He loves school and is making friends.  He likes to tell me who got in trouble each day.  
7.  He turns everything into either a gun or a sword or a bat.  I'm not a big fan of this phase, but he's in it for sure.  He's a boy's boy...
8.  ...who also just happens to love princesses.  Belle is his favorite, and Cinderella is a close second.
9.  He loves drawing rainbows.  When he does an art project, he has to use every marker, every color of paint.
10.  He adores destroying things.  Let's build an "Entire State Building" so we can knock it down!
11.  He loves riding his bike, hitting balls off the tee, and swinging.  
12.  When he gets hurt, he shakes it off quickly so he can get back to doing what he was doing.
13.  Every night at bedtime, he asks for a "big stack of books" that he can "read" before he goes to sleep.
14.  He gives me a hundred hugs a day and sweet kisses on my cheek.  

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.  I love you a "million gazillion trillion times a billion"!


  1. I can't wait to see that beautiful four year old next month! He's so sweet! <3

  2. sweet post about a sweet boy by the sweetest most loving mama. 4! can't wait for the day we have a big old family playdate together. here, there, somewhere, someday! xo

  3. That just made me smile and cry! Big boy!


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