August 30, 2010

A Special Place - Five Senses Weekend

I am not sure how to adequately describe my love of this place.  My family has owned cottages on Lake Ontario for 50 years.  Our family history here, therefore, is long.  I spent a lot of my childhood summers here, playing and swimming and singing and eating and playing some more.  We had big family reunions.  My uncle taught me to waterski.  I watched fireflies and shooting stars.  I sang songs around bonfires.  I listened to my uncles tell scary and funny stories around those bonfires.  Mostly, I was completely surrounded by family, and my family loves.  I mentioned to my sister that this place has always felt so far removed from the rest of the world - it exists in its own universe.  I will admit that this place has also seen sadness, but even in times of sadness, the love always wins.  

The best part of this weekend was watching my boys run and play in the same spots where I did as a child.  Finding the same joy that I did in throwing rocks into the water.  Experiencing first boat rides.  Most importantly, of course, meeting and getting to know aunts and uncles and cousins.  

That doesn't do it justice, but it'll have to do.  I thought I'd capture this most recent visit in "five senses" format.  

- The big boy attempting to skip rocks on the water
- Two gorgeous lake sunsets and an awesome red moon, rising up over the lake
- A very cool slide show, containing pictures from the past 50 years of family
- The big boy squeal with delight as my uncle sped up in the boat
- Some of the same songs sung around the campfire that we've been singing for 20 years; some new ones too
- The grass and tiny pebbles of the lane
- The smooth wood of the canoe oar, as we took the big boy out for a ride
- The feel of the water ski on my foot as I attempted to pull myself up (It took me two tries, but I did!)
- Hugs.  Lots and lots of hugs
- Bonfire
- Dinner cooking on the grill
- Sunscreen
- Super sweet peaches
- The sweetest corn on the cob
- My cousin's awesome rice and bean salad
- Fresh tomatoes from the garden
- S'mores of course
- Dad's macaroni salad


  1. Thank you for sharing those scenes. I almost could see, feel, smell, hear, and touch every memory. :-)

  2. Seems like you had a great weekend! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

  3. kittymac31.8.10

    As usual, sweet sister, you made me cry. YOU are one of my beautiful things from last weekend. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing woman as my sister and friend. I love you and am so grateful for the time we had. :)


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