August 3, 2010

Bathroom Before and After

I went to show someone the before and after pictures of our bathroom, and it wasn't here!  Is it really possible I neglected to post about our bathroom renovations?  Seems strange, but it's not here, so I'll post them now.  We completely gutted the upstairs of our house a few years ago, and I am still loving the results and eagerly anticipating the day when we can do the same to our kitchen.

Since we tore down walls, it's difficult to show a true "before", especially of the master bathroom, since there wasn't a bathroom there before.  The picture below is the closest I can get. In part of the original space was a tiny little bedroom that the previous owners used as a nursery - this is how it looked when we first saw the house.

We tore down walls, put a door from the master bedroom, and created my favorite room in the house (so far).  What do you think?


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