August 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

I asked Kevin what we were going to do this weekend, and he started rattling off stuff he needed to get done.  I stopped him and said, "Yeah, but what are we going to do for fun?"  I have been extremely focused on maximizing our family-time and the amount of fun we're having this summer.  We should always do this, right?  So we got a little ambitous this weekend.

First up:  a trip into the city.  The little guy is still, well, a little guy, so it can be challenging to plan activities around his schedule.  But we managed.  We let him take a good morning nap, and then off we went!  We drove to the Boston Common, and the big guy got to experience his first carousel ride.  We walked to find a place for lunch, finding a restaurant we like just as they were opening for lunch...perfect.  The boys were well-behaved, and we all ate a good lunch. 

Afterwards, we ventured to the Public Garden to visit the pond where Mr. and Mrs. Mallard live.  We rode the swan boats, something I had never done.  You need a 3-year-old to fully appreciate it I think.  We went back for a couple more spins on the carousel, soaking up the sunshine and appreciating the blue skies.  We then headed home - I drove, and although it's not a long ride, my three boys all enjoyed a little nap. 
We attempted a camp-at-home night.  The big guy was excited about the prospect of sleeping in a tent in the yard with Dad.  However, when all the s'mores were eaten, the stories were read, and it was time to go to sleep, he decided he'd rather be in his bed.  Can't say I blame him, and we didn't want to force it, so at 9PM, we gave in.  He kept saying he wanted me and his brother to sleep with them, so perhaps we'll be more successful when we can do it as a family. 
Sunday was gross.  Dreary, rainy, and dark.  I decided it was the perfect day to take the big guy to the movie theater for the first time.  We went to see Toy Story 3, and he was perfect.  He loved it, and so did I.  It was fun to have a little afternoon date with my boy. 

Wow, that was a full weekend!


  1. You really make weekends fun:) I loved Toy Story too it was such a great one:)
    Wonderful photos:)
    Ps: I think you will like my post today...Check it out if you have a min:)

  2. That WAS a full weekend, but it also sounds like a very FUL-filling one!! :-)

  3. sounds like so much fun! I am sure he ate it all up.

  4. How fun!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! xoxo


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