August 5, 2010

Thursday Inspiration

In looking for something on my blog the other day, I thought about how it has evolved over the last couple years.  When I started it, I had not read or looked at other blogs, and I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it.  As I've expanded my reach into the blogosphere, I've become inspired by so many other blogs. I've realized how nice it is to be visually appealing.  The blogs containing images as well as words that inspire me are the ones I go back to again and again.  I've been trying to make my blog nicer to look at, so that when I scroll through a series of posts, I get a feeling about them.  I think it's made my blog a nicer place to visit.  I've always called it "my happy place", and the pictures definitely help make it so.

I recently discovered a tool that's helping me in this endeavor.  Pinterest.  Have you found it yet too?  I am able to "pin" a picture from another site, thereby saving it as well as its location for potential future posts.   I've found that by doing this, I've also created some lovely inspiration boards.  It's a serious time-suck, so I'll have to be careful about that, but it's also tremendous fun.

So expect to see more gorgeous pictures.  Sometimes with a purpose, but mostly just because they're beautiful.  In fact, I may do a post like this every now and then, just to share some of the beauty I've found.  Here are a few of the lovely pictures I've stumbled across lately.  I hope you enjoy them too.


(by jake_stangel)


  1. Those are beautiful and your blog is very happy and lovely:)


  2. Great images - I love the 3 along your header. Are they also from Pinterst?


  3. Hi Anne - thanks for visiting! Nope - those are my own pics. The left one is of a chokeberry bush in front of our house. It blazes red in the Fall. The middle is from a trip to Australia, and the right one was taken in Spain.


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