August 13, 2010

It's Flying By!

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I woke up cold last week.  Shivering and wrapping the blankets around me.  The pumpkin plants are thriving.  Corn is still here, but the blueberries are gone and are being replaced with apples.  And this morning, I saw mums in front of the grocery store.  Mums!  Where does the Summer go?

It's been a wonderful Summer so far.  We've marked almost everything off our list.  Just a few more things I want to do.  We haven't gone into Boston to ride the carousel and swan boats.  And although it's not on the list, I think we'll add having a camp-at-home night.  Our weekend trip to the lake to play with cousins is coming up in a couple weeks.  So there, that makes me feel better already.  Still plenty of time to play and have fun in the sun.

This weekend, I am alone with the kiddos, and I don't have a plan.  I'm thinking.....walks, farmer's market, eating outside, playground, naps, new board game, bubbles, and a trip to the farm.  Oh, and a bottle of wine and a movie for me once the little guys go to sleep.

Me and my two favorite little dudes.  Sounds perfect.


  1. It really does sound perfect!!! I love the last few things on your list...I have to get cracking on those ice-creams...I need to eat more of them..hahaha

    Have a lovely weekend,sweetie and see you soon:)

  2. Have fun with the kiddos and don't forget to put "Stop And Smell The Roses" on the list! ... Not the mums either! :-)


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