August 19, 2010

Pins of the Week

A few things I spotted and loved this week (clockwise from top left):

*I can't get this picture of Greece out of my head.  It's stunning.  Do people really get to live there?
*Isn't this simple dress cute?  Not expensive either.  And apparently you can custom order items from this site.  So if you want a different neckline, or different sleeves, or a shorter can tailor it to be perfect for you.  I am so interested to try this!
*Do you love Tina Fey like I do?  She's smart and funny, and I just know we'd be friends if we ever met.  I watched "Date Night" last weekend.  It was silly and cute and, as a tired mom, I found her character totally relatable.
* I love this little corner.  I really love the desk, but we don't need one of those.  I also like that lamp.  And the chair.  I'm thinking something like that would work well in our office.
*It is time to start thinking about how we want to decorate the little guy's room when he transitions from baby to big boy.  Probably not for another year or so, but it can't hurt to start gathering some ideas.  I love the music theme of this print.  Not a huge fan of the colors, though - too much pink.  But it is super cute.  Maybe a music theme?  Not that a room needs a theme, but I love that idea.
*Cute picture.  I am loving the book I'm reading right now.  Expect a post on it soon.

These are just a few of the pictures I've posted on my pinboards on Pinterest this week:  Mary Loves


  1. Nice! I'm in my own corner right now...checking out your corner of blog world! ^_^

  2. I love that Greece image so much...How beautiful:)
    The blue dress is amazing too:)

    Have a lovely day, my dear!

  3. Hi Mary, this is Ben, one of the cofounders of Pinterest. I just wanted to say that I love the idea of Pins of the Week. Maybe we can start a Fave Friday tradition on Pinterest like follow friday on Twitter :). Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your finds.

  4. Ben - very cool! I would definitely participate in something like that. Thanks for visiting!


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